When starting on the Dermaviduals skincare range, some clients may experience a transition phase, and sometimes their skin can get worse before it gets better.

This is because the previous skincare you were using most likely contained toxic ingredients such as emulsifiers, silicones, mineral oils, perfumes/essential oils and preservatives, which have damaged your skin barrier by removing precious tiles from your’ skin roof’ as well as helped to shut down cell-to-cell communication!

Dermaviduals will help remove these harmful ingredients from the skin and essentially detoxify and ‘retile’ your ‘skin roof’ to restore cellular communication and function.

We liken it to if you went from eating McDonald’s, binge drinking alcohol and living an unhealthy lifestyle to then suddenly switching to organic fruit and vegetables and drinking healthy smoothies – your body would most likely undergo a detoxification phase to eliminate unwanted substances from your body!

If you have fallen victim to using toxic skincare for an extended period of time, you may experience this detoxification/ purge phase – and trust us, it’s better out than in!

If you can persist through this phase, you will have the healthiest skin you have ever had. With Corneotherapy and Naturopathy, we can support your channels of elimination (i.e. your SKIN and LIVER) to ensure the smoothest transition to long-term healthy, happy skin!