Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness based on the principle that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself. Using the healing power of nature and gentle therapeutic techniques, the body, mind and emotions are supported during the healing process. Naturopathic principles are based on treating each person as an individual and treating the whole person not just a band aid approach to mask symptoms. 

Naturopathy focuses on the importance of a healthy diet, stress management, clean water, exercise and sunlight to support a healthy lifestyle. Naturopathic treatments at Solstice Skin include herbal medicine and nutritional supplements combined with nutritional, lifestyle and dietary advice to promote wellbeing.

Naturopathy encompasses various treatment methods:

🍃 Herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation to restore balance, aid detoxification and to support gut and hormone health.

🍃 Dietary, nutritional and lifestyle advice to promote well-being and to manage stress.

We endeavour to get to the root cause of the disharmony created in the body and how that might be manifesting in your skin through a thorough case taking, analysis of medical diagnostic testing and private functional pathology testing if required to identify imbalances within the body and to treat them accordingly.

Initial Naturopathy Consult
($180 – 60 minutes)

This 1-hour consultation will be a conversation between you and your naturopath Melissa. Melissa will ask questions about your whole health picture from birth up until now. Assessment of your symptoms and systems of the body such as gut, hormones, immune, liver, energy, sleep, diet and nutrition. Melissa will educate you on factors influencing your health and a discussion about GP pathology and private functional pathology testing if required. You will receive a treatment plan via email 3 business days post your consult which outlines your treatment protocol, supplements and nutritional recommendations as well as any recommended testing. In your return consultation sessions Melissa will assess testing that may have been recommended and provide ongoing advice to assist you to your health goals.


Return Naturopathy Consult 
($130 – 45 minutes)

We provide ongoing naturopathic care to restore balance within the body. Assessment of testing and a treatment plan is provided based on the individuals needs.

Benefits of Naturopathy


Improved gut and hormonal health

The gut is paramount to overall health so ensuring this functioning correctly is vital to supporting skin health. There are numerous aspects such as food intolerances, gut lining permeability, bacterial, parasitic or fungal overgrowths and gut immunity that can compromise gut health. Assessing the internal driving cause is key and this can be done by analysing symptoms and functional gut testing that provides a comprehensive look at what is going on in our gut.

The female hormonal system does not function in your body in isolation. Instead, like your gut, it is affected by various factors. These can include pharmaceuticals medication, poor nutrition, stress, nutrient deficiencies and thyroid or gastrointestinal disorders or poor liver detoxification. Naturopathy helps treat these imbalances as it treats the root cause rather than a band aid approach to get you safe, long term results.


Stress reduction, improved energy and sleep

Stress can affect your sleep, mood, concentration and digestion. This means that when you are under pressure, your response system becomes overworked, which means your body requires more nutrients than a person in a less stressed state. Naturopathy is excellent for combating this issue as targeting certain nutrients in your diet can actually reduce your stress and improve other aspects of your wellbeing.

Education on your health

Naturopathy is also an excellent way for you to be involved in your treatment so you can learn how to properly practise self-care and develop healthy habits which acts as a preventative for future health issues.


Safe treatment plans

Naturopathy treatment plans are a safe and effective way to achieve lasting results for optimal health. This is because naturopathy focuses on treating underlying issues by restoring your body’s own healing abilities and homeostasis.




Individualised treatments

As everyone has different genetics, lifestyles, diet preferences, one generalised treatment plan will not help solve everyone’s health issues. Solstice Skin understands this and creates an individualise treatment plan according to a thorough consultation, test results and creates a plan with you that works for you.


Who does Naturopathy Work For?

Naturopathy can be used by anyone to improve their lives. It’s ideal for both Men AND women! Regardless of your gender and age, we all deserve to have a healthy bodies and minds and naturopathy can help you achieve this.


How Solstice Skin can help you…

Do you want to learn more about naturopathy and how Solstice Skin’s treatments work? Then contact Solstice Skin today to find out more about their services on 0466 416 927 or simply email Hayley on .


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