Perioral dermatitis and your gastrointestinal health are inextricably linked. The gut itself is composed of over one thousand grams of bacteria that all function to digest nutrients, protect us against pathogenic organisms, produce hormones + and vitamins, and metabolize drugs and toxins. When this balance of bacteria in the gut is affected, dysbiosis can occur.

Dysbiosis allows for many bad bacteria to overpopulate and disrupt the delicate ecosystem by secreting toxins. This excess of toxins can further lead to disruption of the tight junctions of our gut that form a physical intestinal barrier between the internal environment of the gut and the bloodstream.

When these tight junctions become disrupted, bacteria and endotoxins can find their way into the bloodstream. This results in systemic inflammation, which is implicated in the development of many inflammatory skin conditions such as perioral dermatitis.

If you’re struggling with perioral dermatitis, it is vital to identify your individual drivers to facilitate healing and repair. You can book an appointment with our Naturopath, Mel, to dive into what may be driving your skin concerns.