What is an Initial Skin Consult?

Once you have booked in, you will receive a welcome email that contains a link to our online comprehensive client questionnaire. Hayley will read through this before your appointment to get a holistic understanding of your case before she sees you.

Your initial skin consultation is the first step towards your skin’s transformation at Solstice Skin. In this consult you will share what your skin concerns and your #skingoals. You will be educated on how the importance of your skins barrier and how it affects your overall skin health. An analysis of your current skincare using a cosmetic analysis program will identify if the ingredients have been harming or helping your skin. A discussion on potential internal driving factors will be highlighted and Hayley will advice if you need further naturopathic care.  

Hayley will then perform an Advanced Skin Analysis to assess your skin type and deficiencies within the skin. Using this collective information about your skin health, a customised skincare prescription  will be made for you using the Corneotherapy skincare range – Dermaviduals.

Hayley will then formulate a treatment plan moving forward and essential nutrition and lifestyle advice will be given to get you moving towards your skin goals.

The benefits of this service

Hayley’s skin consultations are personalised and in-depth as she uses this time to understand your skin issues and the driving factors that are influencing the health of your skin. Education is at the forefront of this consult to empower you to make healthy choices to get you healthy skin.

Why a Dermaviduals skincare prescription?

Dermaviduals is a 100% pure medical grade skincare range. Their unique range is free from preservatives, emulsifiers, colours, fragrances, silicones, amines and any other nasties making your skincare prescription work with your skin rather than against it. You know every morning and night that you apply it you are that one step closer to healthy functioning skin.   

Specialised Solstice Skin consult

An Initial Skin consult at Solstice Skin gives you an in-depth holistic experience as Hayley troubleshoots issues with your skin by not only considering what you put on your skin and other external factors but also your internal health. The focus on internal factors such as your gut health, hormones, nutrition and stress are integral to skin health and are just as important to consider as external factors to help remedy your skin issues. Hayley’s knowledge of naturopathy guides her skin consults and Solstice Skin’s other services, creating a holistic approach to skin health.

Who can benefit from this service?

Everyone can benefit from an initial skin consult. Customised skincare prescriptions and treatments are not a gendered service that only women can enjoy. If you have any medical or cosmetic issues with your skin, then come and see Solstice Skin today.

A life changing skincare prescription and safe, corrective treatments will not only improve your skin, but it will increase your confidence as well.  If you want to improve the health and appearance of your skin, book an initial skin consult with Solstice Skin.

We use an Advanced Skin Analysis method to identify skin type, cellular skin health and possible deficiencies within the skin to provide a personalised  Dermaviduals skincare prescription and treatment plan. Dermaviduals is a corrective, medical grade skincare range that is 100% pure (free from fragrances, preservatives, emulsifiers, colours, mineral oils, silicones and amines) and uses skin mimicking bioidentical ingredients to help heal from the outside in.

Our initial consult options vary depending on what your skin concerns/conditions are. You can head to our online booking system to book in your initial appointment via the ‘book now’ button. If you require more information please send us a booking enquiry and someone will reach out shortly. 

Initial Skin Consult ($95 – 60 mins) In person or online 

This appointment focuses solely on the externals. Education on your current skincare and if it’s harming or helping your skin through the use of an online cosmetic program that analyses ingredients. We use an advanced skin analysis method to identify your skin type, deficiencies within the skin and how to correct them. A customised Dermaviduals skincare prescription and treatment plan is formulated for you to help you achieve the healthy, glowing skin you deserve!


Skin Review ($50 redeemable with product purchase – 15-30 mins)

An Advanced Skin Analysis to review your skin progress and to adjust your skincare prescription if needed. As your skin progresses, we alter your skincare prescription to adjust to your changing skin needs. Ongoing care and support is providing throughout your skin journey.

How Solstice Skin can help you

Hayley at Solstice Skin is passionate about helping her clients improve their skin health and loves seeing the transformation this plays on their confidence. Solstice Skin’s use of skincare and naturopathy combined ensures you will achieve safe, long-term results. If you would like to learn more about Solstice Skin’s services or you would like to book an initial skin consult today, then contact Solstice Skin on 0466 416 927 or simply email Hayley on

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